Distributors of Fine Tasmanian Produce

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Welcome, we are proud distributors for the Small Concern Whisky Distillery, makers of a very fine Single Malt Whisky.  To order this superb whisky, please click on the link above.  You will be taken to our secure order site.

Please use our Currency Converter to convert our pricing which is in Australian dollars.  You can leave it open whilst you place your order.

We also offer the option of phoning or faxing your order through to us.

If you would like to phone, please ring (61 3) 6425 7337 between 8:00am and 8:00pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time.  Please have your order details and credit card details handy.

If you would like to use fax, please fill out the secure order form and print the form out instead of clicking the "Submit" button.  Fax the completed form to (61 3) 6429 1208 at any time.

A third option is to send the order form electronically but leave out your credit card details.  You can then phone or fax them through to us.

Please feel free to email any questions to our sales staff at sales@tasmanianwhisky.com.au.

We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt the information that you submit.  The lock The Lock symbol means SSL is enabled and your transaction is safe.  in the status bar means that this transaction is secure and you are the only people who can see this information.  The confidentiality of your personal information is something we take very seriously.  We refuse to pass your personal details, email address, etc. to other parties.  It's your job to sit back in a very comfortable chair with a glass of our whisky in your hand.  It's our job to ensure that you receive that whisky without any hassle whatsoever.  If you ever receive service that does not meet our exacting standards, please email us at sales@tasmanianwhisky.com.au.

If you would like more information on our confidentiality policy please email us at info@tasmanianwhisky.com.au