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43% ABV
700 ml


Something Something...The Cradle Mountain Single Malt Whisky is totally Tasmanian – from the Franklin barley grown in the northern parts of Tassie (very popular with beer brewers), to the pure snow-stream water coming from the Cradle Mountain National Park. It comes from American Oak Barrels 7285 (kegged 12th October ’97) and 7291 (kegged 18th October ’97). Both casks were sherry washed before filling. This whisky is now only 3 months shy of 17yo.


“It is a pale straw colour with fresh leather, waxed fruit, perhaps lemon-grass, and hay in the aroma. Very soft body with a smooth palate which is clean-tasting (no doubt deriving in part from the local water). Fruit-skins, citrus and lemon-grass in the palate. Fruity acidity in the finish, then a surge of mustard and pepper.”

The late Michael Jackson

Cradle Mountain Single Malt Whisky "Original"